Normann Copenhagen My Chair

Normann Copenhagen My Chair

Varies by model
  • White/White
  • Black/Black
  • Ash/Black
  • Ash/White
  • Ash/Dark Grey
  • Oak/Black
  • Oak/White
  • Oak/Dark Grey

With My Chair, the designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen has reinterpreted the classic shell chair adding a striking elegance and harmony. The rounded corners and curved waist counterbalance the rigorous design of the chair. My Table shares the same rigorous and elegant characteristics of My Chair with its rounded corners and angles and curves of the frame. The design is timeless and has a harmonious and inviting feel.

MATERIAL: Seat: ash/oak, legs: painted steel

SIZE & WEIGHT: Hight: 80 cm, widht: 50cm, depht: 53 cm, weight, 5,4 kg

COLORS: black/ black legs, white/white legs, ash/black legs, ash/white, ash/dark grey, oak/black legs, oak/white, oak/grey

DESIGN: Nicholai Wiig Hansen

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