Krenit Dish Yellow

Normann Copenhagen Krenit Dish

Normann Copenhagen Krenit Dish

Varies by model
  • Krenit Dish Yellow
  • Krenit Dish Red
  • Krenit Dish Turquoise
  • Krenit Dish Grey
  • Krenit Dish Light Blue
  • Krenit Dish Mint
  • Krenit Dish White

Herbert Krenchel designed the Krenit collection over 50 years ago and Normann Copenhagen has picked these lovely Danish design icons into reproduction.

With a simple and pure expression, the Krenit range is a contemporary classic which enables a perfect interplay between function and aestheticism.

MATERIAL: Painted steel.

SIZE: Diameter: 16 cm, height: 2,8 cm, weight: 0,2 kg

COLOURS: turquoise, white, red, grey, light blue, mint, yellow.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash by hand and wipe thoroughly. Lubricate the edge regularly with cooking oil to counteract rust.

PRODUCT INFO: Not suitable for microwave oven and dishwasher. Avoid use of steel kitchen utensils.

DESIGN: Herbert Krenchel

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